In 1976 a new vehicle arrived on the Television OBs fleet at Kendal Avenue, Acton North London: Unit MCR 30 designation name LPU -1. This was a ‘one off’ & the only one of its type built.

The result of a new project – a vehicle that contained its own sound room, a production gallery, vision control area together with a separate ‘on board’ VT recording room. This made it a very versatile unit as prior to this development nearly all OB location video recording work was carried by larger OB control room CMCR vehicles together with a secondary accompanying VT recording truck. The new LPU was self-contained – it housed virtually everything necessary to undertake both TV production, editing and recording work within one main vehicle.

The LPU’s role primarily as a location production unit took it to many places where, for varying periods of time, it would be stationed for the production of numerous well known programmes and events: Just a small example of the more memorable ones are: –

Dr Who – Blue Peter – Grange Hill – Z cars – Tomorrow’s World – The Two Ronnies – Eastenders – Play School – Survivors – Gardener’s World – Blott on the Landscape – Malice Aforethought – The Mayor of Casterbridge – ‘The Royal Wedding’ Charles & Diana – British Grand Prix

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